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Clinical Assessments

Diverse skill sets

MAC’s experienced team of psychometricians are highly trained in accurate and client friendly administration of an extensive range of assessments. MAC provides a rigorous training plan across disciplines in the administration of all assessments to ensure intra-rater variability is controlled and assessments are conducted in an efficient and professional manner.

Neuropsychological Assessments
Neuropsychological assessments seek to define cognitive impairment in patients with acquired brain damage and neurological illness.  A wide variety of brain function can be assessed by applying an extensive range of cognitive tests, which include assessments of:
•    Perception
•    Attention
•    Language
•    Memory
•    Executive function

Neuropsychological assessments can therefore contribute to the diagnosis, management and recovery of disorders. Within Clinical trials neuropsychological assessments help determine the level of cognitive impairment to enable the sponsors to see the progression of impairments throughout the treatment period. Therefore, neuropsychological assessments often comprise the primary or secondary endpoints in studies where cognitive performance is under scrutiny. 

Neuropsychological assessments for clinical trials at MAC
Pain assessments for clinical trials at MAC

Clinical Rating Scales
Psychiatric Assessments
Semi-Structured Interviews

Pain Assessments

If you would like to discuss your clinical trial rating and other clinical assessment requirements with MAC please click on this link: 

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