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MAC enters partnership with Kariya Pharmaceuticals

MAC enters partnership with Kariya Pharmaceuticals with the commencement of Phase I trial for Parkinson’s drug.

We are excited to partner with Kariya Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company developing innovative disease-modifying agents to treat neurodegenerative diseases; making MAC shareholders alongside its founding members.

MAC will be conducting the phase I study of KP405 in healthy volunteers and patients with Parkinson’s Disease.

KP405 is a first-in-class, brain-penetrant, dual incretin receptor developed to slow the progression of Parkinson’s Disease.

Dr Mark Dale, CEO of MAC Clinical Research comments “Given the convincing preclinical data on KP405, as well as the growing clinical evidence of the class in slowing PD, we consider this drug to be the most promising clinical candidate in the space and look forward to bringing it one step closer to patients in need.”

At MAC, we have a long and extensive history in CNS and neurodegenerative diseases with more than half of our studies in CNS disorders. Our experience in this area gives us the advantage in ensuring the successful and efficient delivery of this study and hopefully the progression of such an innovative drug.

Click here to read the full press release issued by Kariya Pharmaceuticals:

For more information on our work in CNS disorders, view our factsheet here:

MAC-CNS-1022- CNS Fact Sheet
Download PDF • 497KB

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