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MAC Clinical Research appointed to conduct psychedelic trial for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

SmallPharma, a biotechnology company focused on short-acting psychedelic-assisted therapies for mental health conditions has enlisted MAC to support a new study using psychedelics at two of our dedicated research sites.

The study will assess up to 24 patients comparing those with MDD who are currently on a treatment course of a SSRI that is ineffective in fully relieving their depression, with other patients not currently on a prescribed SSRI. The trial is expected to begin in Q3 2022, with dosing completion anticipated in H1 2023.

This is another exciting development in psychedelic drug trials and could potentially broaden the patient reach for continued research in mental health.

Psychedelics in clinical research has fast become a key area of interest over the past few years with a wave of support and funding allocated towards the treatment of the non-traditional method to alleviate mental health disorders.

At MAC, we have vast experience in conducting trials in MDD and Psychedelics with specialised research facilities and patient engagement expertise.

Our trained psychiatrists and therapists are certified to provide psychedelic treatments with us being the first clinical research company to administer high doses. Our experience primarily lies within Psilocybin, IV Psilocin, Ibogaine, DMT, and deuterated psychedelics.

Find out more about our experience in psychedelics by clicking the button below.

Psychedelic Info Sheet Jan 2023
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View the press release.

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