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Continuing our legacy for more than 30 years with our free memory clinics

At MAC, we have a proud history of establishing one of the UK’s first ever memory clinics back in 1988. Whilst we now operate as a global, full-service CRO covering many therapeutic areas, our memory clinics are still at the heart of our company and something we continue to offer as a free service to the community.

The clinic was originally set up to diagnose patients with Alzheimer’s disease so that drugs like donepezil and memantine could be developed. In addition to this, they now serve as a safe space for people with memory concerns to speak with our specialists to alleviate any concerns or to take them through diagnosis.

Not only does this provide support to individuals, but it also serves a great benefit to the NHS by taking some of the pressure away from the growing demand of people seeking help with cognitive disorders such as MCI and other dementia-related concerns. We also contract with the NHS to provide ‘rapid access memory clinics’ to support NHS memory services in managing their waiting lists.

Dementia is one of the greatest health challenges facing society with an estimated 850,000 people in the UK currently living with the disorder1. So, it comes as no surprise that more people than ever are seeking support to better understand the signs of dementia and to look into any memory-related issues they are having.

With 6 locations around the UK, our memory assessment research centres are open to all individuals over the age of 50 and continue the proud tradition of helping patients through assessment of their memory concerns, treatment options, and of course, research into the next generation of disease-modifying treatments for neurodegenerative diseases.

The clinics give people the comfort of being able to investigate any memory issues without the worry of burdening the NHS with a more formal process with what some may feel is only an early concern.

Research into cognitive disorders remains close to our hearts as it is firmly engrained in our history, and we continue to strive for new treatments that will help people across the world. By supporting our communities with our memory clinics we are able to offer people direct assistance as well as the opportunity to take part in our research.

To learn more about our rich history and experience in cognitive disorders, or to find out how we can support your research, contact us.

Or for more information on our free clinics click here.


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