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Can the increase in psychedelic studies change how we look at the data?

Martyn Deverell, Principal SAS Programmer at MAC Clinical Research will be speaking at the 2023 CDISC Europe Interchange taking place in Copenhagen on 26 -27 April.

Martyn has completed a paper on the rise in psychedelic studies and how that could impact how we look at the data for such trials in relation to the current CDISC parameters.

The speaking sessions will entail the following view on how we as an industry work with psychedelics data.

‘With the interest in Psychedelics ever increasing and the pool of Psychedelic trials rapidly expanding, it is important to understand how the world of Psychedelics and CDISC cross paths. In-depth examples and definitions by CDISC will provide those working on Psychedelic trials a clear-cut structure and format to follow and hopefully reduce any ambiguity. However, it may not always be clear from the CDISC documentation as to what and where data are expected to be included or even how it is included. At MAC through the multitude of Psychedelic trials worked on, we have seen situations where CDISC has been both helpful and potentially frustrating, leaning towards a potential for some improvement. Through this paper we will cover the link between Psychedelic trials and the CDISC standards, identifying pitfalls along the way.’

At MAC, we have conducted 9 studies in psychedelics and have key experts across the company from psychiatrists and trained medical staff to operational teams such as programmers and project managers who are all extremely well-versed in psychedelic trials.

It is with great excitement that we can use this knowledge and experience to put forward ideas on how to bring even higher quality output in psychedelic trials.

For more information on our experience in psychedelics, download our psychedelics information sheet.

Psychedelic Info Sheet Jan 2023
Download • 3.99MB

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