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MAC Research is a privately owned Contract Research Organisation headquartered in the UK with a subsidiary in Europe, the USA and Asia-Pacific. The company is active in the research and development services of innovative medical products for Neurology, Psychiatry, Dermatology, Gastroenterology and Metabolic disorders.

Efficiency is at the heart of MAC’s operation and our internal Recruitment Centre, Dedicated Research Sites, and full-time investigators ensure that quality trials are conducted right across our contract research organisation for the benefit of pharma, biotech and CROs.


MAC's effective patient recruitment and standardised management throughout the course of a clinical trial facilitate the generation quality data and drive down cost wastages. Importantly, MAC has vast experience in performing clinical trials from start to finish, available with a whole suite of contract research services. This means that sponsors get the vital data they need more quickly.


When selecting research sites, research sponsors and CROs understand that getting good quality data from a site is absolutely paramount to their site selection decision. Excellent data comes from getting the right clinicians to enrol, treat and evaluate clinical trial participants. The experience, qualifications and capabilities of site staff and the availability of suitable participants who meet the protocol criteria, are prime concerns when selecting study sites. Additionally, MAC appreciates that when selecting study sites, one of the most important decisions a sponsor will make, will be deciding on a suitable Principal Investigator for any forthcoming study. Principal investigators at MAC are carefully chosen to ensure, not only, that they are highly experienced and qualified in the disease area, but also that they have excellent skills in conducting, coordinating and leading clinical trials. Given these crucial considerations, MAC has built the following list of priorities into its business model for service delivery. Clients can be certain they can depend on all MAC Dedicated Research Sites for consistency in delivery of their clinical trial requirements.

The MAC Dedicated Research Site Model for clinical trial excellence:
  • Principal investigator – extensive research experience and qualifications in the disease area.


  • Study Teams - experience and qualifications with breadth and depth availability.


  • Participant population – suitability and availability commensurate with feasibility assessment.


  • Availability of specialised diagnostic or therapeutic equipment.


  • Adequate case studies  with previous, similar trials.


  • Peer group input and academic credentials.


  • Geographic location of Dedicated Research Sites.


  • Recruitment rate  – participant/patient enrolment frequency updates.


  • Availability IRB/REC meetings.


  • Efficiency of contractual and budgetary negotiations.


  • Regulatory history (MHRA audits).

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