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Project Management

Taking care of business, our clients and clinical research through the project lifecycle.

At MAC Clinical Research the Project Management team's objectives are targeted towards the production of high quality deliverables and meeting client satisfaction.  MAC Clinical Research SOP’s provide a comprehensive global, yet flexible, structure for delivering projects.


The Project Management team at MAC use gold standard principles, methodologies and tools, which are tailored to individual projects to ensure project success.


Every project is assigned to a dedicated Project Manager who has overall accountability for the project delivery.  The Project Manager leads a cross-functional project team to deliver the project scope within the set budget and time constraints whilst maintaining high quality levels across all deliverables.

Project Management

Benefits of having a dedicated Project Manager:

  • Seamless day to day operational  & service delivery management

  • Accountability for project success

  • Centralised communication throughout the project lifecycle

  • Personalised customer service

  • Management of the project team to ensure high quality deliverables

A proactive project management approach is essential to the success of the project.  At MAC Clinical Research the Project Manager will:

  • Establish Communications pathways early at project initiation

  • Track project Deliverables

  • Identify project Risks and provide mitigation/contingency plans

  • Resolve Issues as they occur in a timely manner

The Project Lifecycle


Throughout the five stages of the project lifecycle the Project Management processes at MAC Clinical Research are designed to provide a robust framework to take the project from feasibility and planning stages through to project closure.

​1.  Project Initiation

  • Resource Planning

  • Project Set-up and Kick-Off Meetings

2.  Project Planning/Design

  • Communication Planning

  • Assignment of Roles and Responsibilities

  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation/ Contingency Strategies

3.  Project Execution

  • Regular Team Meetings

  • Ongoing review of Risk Mitigation Strategies

4.  Monitoring & Controlling

  • Project Status Updates

  • Scope/Change Management

5.  Project Closure

  • Project Close-Out Meeting

  • Lessons Learned Meeting

  • Archiving

Project Management

Project Governance allows Senior Management at MAC Clinical Research to have oversight of project status. The Project Management Team is responsible for providing Senior Management with regular updates and escalating issues when they cannot be resolved by the project team.

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