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Peter Dewland, Senior Director of Early Phase Research at MAC Clinical Research, Elected as Chair of

In recognition of 40 years devoted to early phase clinical research, Peter Dewland, BSc, MA, MBBS, FFPM, DCPSA, Senior Director of Early Phase Research at MAC Clinical Research, has been elected as Chair of the Phase I Advisory Group to the Health Research Authority (HRA).

The Phase I Advisory Group was established by the HRA as a forum to discuss issues relating to the ethical review of Phase I trials in the UK. The membership comprises representatives from regulatory authorities, industry associations, ethics committees and HRA staff. The group discusses topics including operational issues for the review of Phase I trials, training for Research Ethics Committee members in ethical review of Phase I trials, and initiatives to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of ethical review.

Dr Dewland has been an established figure in early phase clinical research for many years; he was instrumental, along with the University of Wales, in establishing the first national training scheme for members of Research Ethics Committees to exist in the UK. This ran for nearly 20 years as an Annual Conference in Cambridge. Dr Dewland was also a founder member of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, acting as a member of the examination board and presently as an Educational Supervisor of students currently studying for a Diploma in Human Pharmacology. During his career, he has also been a member of a UK Research Ethics Committee. Dr Dewland has been responsible for the accreditation of 3 separate UK Phase I Units, and currently presides over the Early Phase Unit at MAC Clinical Research in Manchester, where he is the accredited First in Human Investigator.

In this new appointment, Dr Dewland will continue his vast contribution to the progress of early phase research; he said, “I am keen to oversee a smooth transition to a streamlined application system and to educate physicians and ethicists alike to understand their respective functions in the approval of clinical research.”

Dr Dewland will continue to use his insight and expertise in the supervision of the Early Phase Unit at MAC Clinical Research, ensuring that MAC Clinical Research remains at the forefront of early phase clinical research.

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