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Employee Testimonials

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Claire Horsgood

How long have you worked at MAC?
Since 2019

Current job role/title

VP, Business Optimisation

Have you held previous job title/roles?

Not within MAC

What is it like to work at MAC?

MAC is a fun and fair company to work for – they are always striving to grow, to build strong foundations to withstand that growth and to progress for the business and the staff teams. MAC employs a variety of people with varying experience, is very diverse and is also very supportive with great training programs. They like to promote from within and progress staff internally wherever possible, marrying this with bringing in new people with fresh perspectives and experience to help grow the existing teams is a great strategy that MAC does well. 

Can you comment on the company culture?

MAC have worked hard to put a management structure, lines of communication and platforms in place to ensure the staff voices are heard. The structure now allows for team growth, individual progression and company success. I find MAC a company who do listen to the staff teams and are ensuring a feedback loop for reflecting back on ideas. I feel very empowered at MAC. It feels like a fair company to work for and leadership are approachable.

What do you like about your job?

I enjoy the small growing company ethos at MAC, we embrace new ideas but keep that family feel. The company is very flexible and will always try to accommodate where possible. I like the fact that I have autonomy to make informed and balanced decisions but that the support and guidance is there when needed. 

What are the challenges?

The main challenges are around ensuring consistent orientation and adjustment to the changing culture of a growing company, removing blockers to growth via communication and ensuring everyone feels comfortable with the change. Other challenges come in the form of requiring the right technology and systems in place to set the company up for successful growth and expansion.

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