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Employee Testimonials

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Stephanie Croker

How long have you worked at MAC?
Since 2010

Current job role/title

Site Director

Have you held previous job title/roles?

Receptionist, Data Coordinator, CTA, SC1-3, Assistant SD

What is it like to work at MAC?

MAC is a fast-paced environment with lots of opportunities to learn and progress. Hours are flexible if required and you get a fantastic break at Christmas and your birthday off. MAC promote a family environment and all the teams are professional and genuinely lovely to work with. 

Can you comment on the company culture?

MAC company culture is inclusive and encouraging. 

What do you like about your job?

The working hours fit around a family lifestyle and there is always flexibility as long as you are prepared to be flexible in return. My colleagues are fantastic, always willing to go the extra mile for their patients and for MAC and are always there to support. Blackpool is a lovely place to work and we promote a family environment, a place that you want to work. The leadership team are always willing to listen and are always on hand to offer help and advice. There is always opportunity for career progression. I am testament to this as I started at MAC as a Data Coordinator and now run the site at Blackpool.  

What are the challenges?

Being a manager is challenging in itself. Taking in the team’s problems can be hard and pressure to meet KPI’s can be stressful however, there are plenty of people there to support especially my SD colleagues, my manager Bev and the Director of Site Operations Cathy who are always on hand for me to talk to and offer advice and opinions.  

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