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Employee Testimonials

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Karen Norcott

How long have you worked at MAC?
Since late 2021

Current job role/title

Project Manager

Have you held previous job title/roles?

None this is my first role within MAC

What is it like to work at MAC?
Since day one it has felt a warm and friendly place to work. It feels like people are truly interested in you and that you are doing fine at work. I have only met a few people outside of the small Test and Trace team but everyone has appeared friendly and welcoming. The few people, I have met, who have been in the company for some time, have spoken highly of the company. 

Can you comment on the company culture?
Adding on to my comments above I wonder if my experiences are different as I work in the MAC 143 team and nearly everyone is brand new to the company and even the couple of people, who are not brand new, have been in the company less than a year and still refer to themselves as new. So I am not sure I feel the company culture, shared values and behaviours. It is more I have heard what the values, attitudes and behaviours are through two Company Meetings, an induction and a couple of brief conversations with two members of the senior leadership team. 


The working culture is fine but I wonder if I am actually experiencing the culture that currently everyone is bringing from their last roles and it is the type of people they are, so down to excellent recruiting. It is fine but I am not sure I feel it is MAC company culture but it may be. 

What do you like about your job?

I enjoy working from home. 

My colleagues are good and the TEAMS platform has enabled me to get to know a reasonable number of people. The leadership team are a bit distant for me and I am vague about who people are and where they are in the leadership team. My manager has been very supportive and approachable. I have only been here a short time but have expressed my desire to develop my career.

What are the challenges? 
Knowing who people are outside of my team. Knowing who to go to if I needed help (outside of my manager). Understanding the bigger picture of the company, how everyone fits in and how the place functions. Being exposed to acronyms and initialisations I have not seen before in research. Navigating the folders and drives. But all this will come in time, I am still fairly new to the wider picture of MAC. 

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