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Employee Testimonials

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Gareth Oakes

How long have you worked at MAC?
Since November 2018

Current job role/title

Therapeutic Area Team Leader, Patient Engagement

Have you held previous job title/roles?

Inside Sales Manager, Business Development

What is it like to work at MAC?

This was my 1st role being home based, it takes some adjustment if you aren’t used to it but the team at MAC were really supportive throughout. There is a strong culture of inclusion and even though you may not be in an office environment as there are many colleagues in similar circumstances communication is paramount and strongly encouraged throughout departments. As with most jobs it can be stressful, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day but MAC are a forward thinking and inclusive company. 

Can you comment on the company culture?
MAC are a very inclusive business and their company values centre around people, progression and service. They keep staff updated throughout the year on the challenges and the wins achieved. 
As with all businesses the last couple of years have been challenging and things have had to be adapted to account for this but things are well communicated and the leadership and management lead by example and things at MAC are generally done with a smile on our faces.


What do you like about your job?
Working from home it means that there is no commute to contend with which is fantastic! The time that I save there means that I can devote more time to the role I am paid for, and while working additional hours is not expected it tends to happen in most positions I have worked in and so the reduction in travel times has meant I have more free time overall. My manager is really accommodating as well and if you need to head out for an unexpected appointment, or emergency children pick up, it is always approved – unless there is a genuine reason it cannot be, such as a scheduled call with a sponsor etc.


The work is often challenging but it is also varied and really interesting, which means no day is ever completely the same. The team I work in area great too, we support each other and speak daily to manage priorities and workload.

Career development has been a little slower than I had hoped, however, coming from a completely different industry and now in my second department at MAC, I do feel confident that my career progression will improve, especially as the company has grown so significantly, allowing greater opportunity.

What are the challenges?
Often the challenge working from home is managing your time effectively, it can be easy to continue working longer hours to get things completed. 
MAC are a dynamic company and things can change quite quickly, therefore you often have to adapt your working days to accommodate different study requirements. The work can be quite pressurised, and sometimes stressful, however, there is always support if needed, you just need to ensure you ask – which you sometimes forget when being homebased.


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