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Employee Testimonials

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Stuart Braidwood

How long have you worked at MAC?
Since October 2021

Current job role/title

Clinical Research Scientist

Have you held previous job title/roles?

Research Coordinator 

What is it like to work at MAC?

I was highly impressed with how well organised MAC were/are at providing an Induction day. Emails containing detailed information for travel, accommodation and a programme of the day were sent well in advance. This was an excellent way to meet existing and new staff. I found the presentations from senior staff to be interesting and beneficial. Being a new starter it offered in-depth information of differing departments within MAC.  During breaks and lunchtime senior and current staff made an effort to speak with you.  At the end of the day we were given the opportunity to sit informally in a circle and ask any questions to Fiona and John. At no point was any question not relevant; “no questions are silly questions”

(On a personal note, I left feeling very glad to have been recruited to MAC. I even told friends and family of the day). These first impressions are really important and have stuck with me.

Can you comment on the company culture?

I find senior staff responded to emails immediately with any questions you had and at no point did you feel that you couldn’t ask them questions; transparent communication are two words which spring to mind.

During my short time with the company and working with the Test and Trace Team I received great feedback. It was very satisfying to be recognised by senior staff for our hard work; positive words really did spur on our team to do well and ultimately result in obtaining the required number of subjects for the study.

A week after starting with the company it was my birthday. One of the “perks” was being entitled to the day off. Having never had this privilege before, and my birthday falling on a Friday I was able to have a long weekend away.

A large portion of the study (LFD 025) was recruiting participants. Speaking to the general public and representing MAC gives a great sense of achievement. One feels proud to be part of the process.

What do you like about your job?

I have personally embraced the opportunities for career development which have been offered to me. Senior staff have extended the opportunity to visit other sites; eg City Labs and the Early Phase Unit, which is a very modern spacious place to work. Senior staff have allowed me the responsibility to contact various heads of departments and organise dates and time to attend. I personally seized  these opportunities as it it was a way of the company inviting one to self develop; in effect MAC wanting the best for their staff.  At the EPU the Clinical Trials Assistants welcomed me, took the time and patience to explain how studies operate and why they need to follow strict guidelines This offered invaluable exposure.

As a team we have worked brilliantly. One reason why I think it worked so well was down to the fact we were a very mixed bunch; age, previous employment and the diverse skill mixes we brought to the job made it very special. Our line manager on our study would offer a briefing at the start of the day to communicate and update. We would be instructed what would he happening and what was expected of us, resulting in moving the team forward to obtain the daily results. Also, our manager always kept us up to date with information and encouraged us to voice our opinions.

There was plenty of scope for career development as job opportunities arise on the company web site and staff were encouraged to apply.

Many of the “Lunch and learn” talks were fascinating as it shows a wider range of research which colleagues are doing in their respective areas within MAC.

What are the challenges?

As with any business coping with market competition and keeping up with business trends is vital for productivity, as business growth challenges can lead to exciting opportunities. I believe digital advancements is important by promoting effective web presence of MAC in the global market.

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