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Employee Testimonials

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Anna Doyle

How long have you worked at MAC?
Since 2016

Current job role/title

Quality Coordinator

Have you held previous job title/roles?

Quality Assurance Auditor

What is it like to work at MAC?

My job description often isn’t restricted to my role which mostly is a positive – I think while everything still feels close knit, the company is also growing, so this gives the opportunity to be flexible with my role. Dipping into different experiences helps for my career development in this sense to understand what me as a person enjoys doing/is good at. Some people may find offering to support things outside of a job description as a negative, but it has only worked out as a positive for me, especially since my line manager has always facilitated and helped me try the things I would like to do and that support has been vital to me enjoying working for MAC. 

Can you comment on the company culture?

Personally the culture within my own team is honestly the reason why I don’t feel a single problem with turning up for work every day. I really get along with my teammates and manager and I feel valued as a team member, and my work/life balance respected – I think a lot of this comes down to trust and give and take. If there isn’t trust or give or take it can make the culture difficult to navigate. However, I have experienced when dipping into new things other teams may not have the same relationship and I could really feel that shift in culture. Feeling valued is something that matters to me so when I lost that sense of value at one point, it did affect me and my work ethic though this was an isolated incident and something I have learned from and grown from as a person. This incidence did make me appreciate my team even more! 

What do you like about your job?

The thing I love most about my job, and I think perhaps what people are looking for in a workplace is flexible working environments. I started this role simply because of that USP.  I believe since the pandemic, personal lives/hobbies/passions are becoming at the forefront of our priorities in life so certainly for me, MAC massively facilitates this and in return I enjoy working for MAC and always strive to do more for that reason even if that means going outside of my JD as already described – I’m always willing to help. The flexible working combined with a fantastic manager who never puts pressure on me to work in a certain way or at a certain time and trusts that the job I need to do will always get done – means I will always do more than that in return. 

What are the challenges?

Honestly because of all that is mentioned above, I don’t really see any challenges in particular which speaks a lot for my management and team culture which is really helpful and positive

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