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Employee Testimonials

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Sean Page


How long have you worked at MAC?
Since early 2021


Current job role/title
Consultant Nurse

Have you held previous job title/roles?
Not with MAC

What is it like to work at MAC?
MAC is a friendly and professional organisation. It is a positive company to work for and I have enjoyed every single day so far. There is an expectation that people perform as well as they can in their individual roles, and it seems to me that this is supported by the senior leadership team and that opportunities for career development are made available. MAC is ambitious and, in many ways, fearless as it identifies and tackles new challenges. It continues to build upon its achievements and its good reputation. That ambition is evident in the company expanding the breadth and scope of the services that MAC offers. Good people work for MAC. They work hard, they lean on each other, they celebrate success, they support charities in all site areas and they seek to make a positive difference to peoples lives through high quality research.

Can you comment on the company culture?
MAC aspires to ‘make a difference’ and, for many people we see in our research trials, the potential for new treatments to alleviate chronic, painful, disabling, and burdensome conditions can make the biggest difference. I think my previous answer exemplifies that MAC lives by its values and that the culture is to excel. To achieve this MAC as a company recognises it is a social organisation, made up of the people it works with and the people who work for it. There is no tension or conflict involved in putting the needs of both groups of people first and recognising that we work together to make that difference. Staff and research participants are valued and treated with respect. The frequent charity work of the sites exemplifies that we also embrace others who are less privileged than us.


What do you like about your job?
I love my job. I work part time to balance my family life and my manager fully understands the demands placed on me outside of my role in MAC. I am involved in clinical rating for a number of studies, undertaking clinical assessments, supporting clinical networks to develop and, delivering training. All this sees me having my base at home and travelling to sites across the company.  There is flexibility in my role and I am trusted to manage my time and workload. 


What are the challenges?
MAC services are carried out in sites that are geographically spread across the NE and NW of England. Travelling between sites can be a challenge or at least tiring. There are necessary challenges associated with my role, I must perform consistently at a high level, there are no short cuts in high quality research, and must continue to be certified to rate across a range of specialist clinical scales. 


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