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CRO Solutions

Helping biotech and specialty pharma companies navigate the complexities of clinical studies can be challenging. Having a partner that knows how to keep everything on track, on time and to budget is vital to the success of your study. Our experienced clinical and medical professionals are capable of managing even the most complex clinical research studies from early phase to late phase. Our operational teams have the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively manage situations as they arise, and our approach is firmly grounded in comprehensive project management principles and well-defined processes.


MAC is a full service CRO with science at the heart of everything we do. MAC is unique and has a distinct advantage, having over the last 30 years built a fully owned network of clinical sites; enabling studies to be located at the highest performing sites to expedite developments within budget and with the highest quality data. We can work with any site globally and can use our own sites, where appropriate, to bolster recruitment.

CRO solutions at MAC Clinical Research
Doctor with patient at MAC Clinical Research

De-Risking studies with Science Driven oversight

Patient recruitment and retention remains one of the most challenging hurdles in clinical development. MAC understands patient motivations, patient journeys and treatment pathways and with every study there is a different need, a certain profile of patient and most suitable sites to conduct studies. Offering unique solutions for well over 30 years, MAC understands where to best place your study to increase patient recruitment and to give your compound the best chance of success.  

​Fully integrated and leveraging the clinical development services of MAC as a global clinical research organisation, we deliver and support your study from protocol development, feasibility and all the way through final submission and post marketing. MAC’s range of full-service offerings is completely customisable and bespoke, you receive an integrated strategy that can, where appropriate, leverage our network of sites and will always utilise the best services, and solutions specifically to fit your clinical trial.


This focus on scalability and efficiency combined with our proven expertise streamlines your study execution and positions you for success.

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